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PLC Programmer

PLC Programmer

PLC Programmers can be hired across multiple industries but are concentrated within manufacturing, power generation, logistics, and small isolated processes. Across the United States, there is a shortage of professionals that possess these skills and limited institutions teaching the required education. Salaries can range greatly depending on industry, location, and aptitude.

PLC Programming Top 5 Proficiencies


This incorporates the ability to draw schematics that illustrate how the specific equipment will work together to accomplish a process. The design should be thoroughly evaluated for reliability, efficiency, and safety. A logic flow diagram is usually provided to better understand the sequence of events. This step usually involves the programmer to learn the specifics of the task at hand and may require extensive inputs from the management/engineering team.


The program can be written in several different types of language such as Ladder Logic, Structured Text, or Function Block Diagram.

The program can also be written on several different platforms such as Allen Bradley, ABB, Siemens, Schneider or honeywell. Although all these software suites are different there are a lot of similarities and becoming proficient with one can drastically make it easier to learn another.


After a program has been designed and created it must then be tested. The Programmer must develop a strategy for testing the created logic under the harshest conditions. Being able to identify a flaw in the logic and correct the issue prior to commissioning is a skill set that can separate the good from the great.


Now it is time to implement the programmer’s final product. The operations team must be taught how the program operates and interacts with the process equipment and input devices such as push buttons, HMI, and sensory equipment. It is Vital the operations team understand how the safety systems and specific interlocks impact the program. Having the ability to teach the operations team how to successfully operate the program can greatly reduce the volume of trouble calls after the commissioning phase.


This can be one of the greatest challenges to a PLC programmer. Troubleshooting a program you did not write or have little documentation to understand often poses a significant challenge to programmers. Having the aptitude to read through code and identify issues is another significant skill set that can elevate one’s career.

Hiring Top PLC Programmers

The Task presented to a PLC programmer can vary greatly depending on the industry. That is why at PAEC services we find the right programmer with the relevant experience to meet the specific requirements of the job at hand. Whether it is a small isolated system consisting of 25 IO points, or a  large integrated SCADA system consisting of 1000’s of IO. Here at PAEC Services we can find the right individual with the right skill set at the right price.