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IE technicians are work in a wide range of industries from oil refineries and chemical manufacturing facilities, to water purification facilities and automobile manufacturing plants. Even the field of pharmaceutical manufacturing shows demand for these highly skilled positions.

IE stands for Instrumentation and Electrical and is used interchangeably with EI Technician. Their job is to install wiring in instrumentation panels and assure that the circuitry in electrical systems is secure and tested. They maintain the electrical components and conduits for various pieces of equipment like generators and motors.

An understanding of instrumentation principles such as level, pressure, temperature, and flow are essential in this position. Additionally, there are some key companies in this field where these positions are most needed. Companies producing instrumentation include Rosemount, Micro Motion, E+H, ABB, Allen Bradley, and more.

Most of the large-scale machinery in modern industrial facilities are operated with programmable logic controllers or digital control systems. These controllers have multifarious functionality that determines the production objectives for the machinery. IE Technicians play a critical role in keeping circuitry maintained in order to guarantee predictable progress for production goals.

IE Technician Tools and Proficiencies 

IE technicians use a number of key tools to measure and assess equipment. They are adept in utilizing voltage detectors, multimeters, and other electrical gauging equipment. These technicians are highly skilled with a full gamut of diagnostic and testing devices.  Different types of instruments allow them to assess repairs in a given situation.

Why Hire An IE Technician? 

With technology steadily advancing in all types of manufacturing industries, the complexity and necessity to keep equipment up and running is a top priority. IE technicians are essential to maintain all types of instrumentation equipment. Whether your business is upgrading new machinery or keeping costs down by operating existing equipment, the IE Technician is key to hedge the risk of machine downtime. They can also and update new electrical systems that may be undergoing upgrades.

One critical role of a technician is to calibrate energy input and evaluate resultant byproducts from machine usage. Taking into consideration thermal capacity, pressure, and liquid flow rates are just some of the crucial tasks an IE technician needs to regulate.

IE Technician Jobs 

Anyone seeking to fill the role of and IE Technician will be looking for an employee with a mastery of electrical concepts and industry experience. The best employees will be technically savvy, and able to disseminate large scale issues into manageable solvable steps.

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