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Automation Technicians In The Petrochemical Industry

Petrochemical Automation

What is Petrochemical Engineering?

Petrochemical engineering is a subsection of Chemical Engineering that deals with the purification and regulation of and petrochemicals. It requires an awareness of many other associated disciplines, such as petroleum geology, geophysics, drilling, formation evaluation, economics, source reproduction, and repository engineering.

Petrochemical engineering involves the chemical transformation of usable resources derived from crude petroleum.

Petrochemical engineering is a specialized subsection of chemical engineering. It includes the production of organic chemicals from crude oil.

Jobs for a Petrochemical Engineer

Engineering Technician – Stormwater
The Engineering Technician implements advanced technical engineering work in the office and field. Duties depend on location and conditions of local water from channeling systems.

Mid-Level Environmental Engineer
Environmental engineers are tasked with managing different sources of waste and pollution. Their most significant goal is to protect the environment from prolonged damage. They work in fields such as drainage, site correction, or pollution reduction.

Technical Engineer
These engineers manage all aspects of technical projects. They inspect the project’s overall design and basic product specifications as well as govern scheduling, estimations, and securing materials.

Production Engineer
These engineers oversee production at plants and factories. They support engineering teams, design safety protocols, address issues, and develop plans to increase production and profit.