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Automation Professionals

Automation Engineer Industries

Automation engineers work in a range of industries from vehicle manufacturing to petrochemical engineering. The key component to hiring automation engineers, is finding experienced and seasoned software experts who use technology specific to the production task.

Finding the ideal automation employee will be a crucial asset to your manufacturing capabilities. With the ability to design, program, simulate and test automated machinery and processes to complete exact tasks, your automation professional will work toward streamlining your most integral automation processes and expediting your company’s overall production quality and output.

Automation Engineer Jobs

Automation professionals solve production system issues using a combination of mechanical, electronic and computer engineering to create useful products and repair production equipment.

Their skills include the following:

  • An aptitude to troubleshoot equipment problems together with performing complex system tests.
  • The ability to adjust, attune and align circuitry and components and records effects on unit performance.
  • Exceptional manual dexterity.
  • A knack to communicate with an associated team of engineers, technicians, and operators to maintain and optimize manufacturing equipment.
  • Observing and assessing the functionality of installed equipment to identify hazards, problems, and the need for service, repair, and/or replacement of electrical, electronic, and mechanical components.
  • Proficiency to be able to write programs in order to operate machinery.
  • Showcasing ideas, working remotely, and collaboratively to integrate modifications to the plant.
  • Supporting preventative and predictive maintenance activities.